Amery Rey Tuesta 

My Story

Luis Antonio Amery Rey Tuesta (January 10, 1980) the son of Dora Celedonia Tuesta Da Cruz and Melchor Herbert Dolmos Castro. His parents are both from Peru. Luis's father is a professor in the national university of Ucayali, and his mother is a Housewife.  

Luis A. Amery Rey Tuesta Is an peruvian soloist classical guitar, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and sound engineer. His music integrates a wide variety of styles, including funk, rock, metal, punk, blues, rap, latin, soul, psychedelia, and pop. 

Luis Antonio is most known by the name of "Amery" and only his family called him Luis or Lucho. He is born in Pucallpa and developed an interest in music as a young child. At the age of 17 he started to compose solo guitar pieces like: Demequi, The Memories Of Radharani and more compositions for solo guitar. At the same age he started a band with some friends playing the bas songs cover from Nirvana. Concerts experiences as a soloist classical guitar, electric guitarist and basist began when he was 18 years old.

Among all the bands he have been joined, two were remarkable on his beginning as a musician. The first band was "Zuraz" with the pop song "Parte De Ti". This song was in the radio for one month... Eventhough the song never got mastered it was played in the radio. They were very convinced that they would make it. They were young and very enthusiastic with the music. Amery with them  got the taste to make, in an band, own music. Everything went well until one day Amery's father said: We have to move back to Pucallpa, because I got a job there. According to Amery: He cried the whole night. His girlfriend and friends became extremely sad by the news and he wasn't able to do nothing about it.

Amery was back in Lima and now with the other remarkable band "Espinaks" Fusion band. More experienced in all aspects. Great people with a lot of talent, creativity and courage. They wanted to conquer the town with their music. They were very active in the music scene of Lima, Peru. They were almost to start a tour around Peru, but the drummer didn't wanted. Since then it wasn't the same. They never found a drummer who could play like the drummer of the band. So, Amery got frustrated with everything and stopped meeting them for a while and after that, the band just split up. Amery's life, those day were too excited. Concerts, Parties, friends, girlfriends, alcohol and drugs were something of every weekend. One day he got tired of it and he wanted to stop it. One of his pupil (A member of Krishna's Conciousness) who was getting guitar lessons from Amery, invited him to come to the temple many times, but the answer was always: Not dude! Thank you! I'm fine!  
One day, when he was extremely despaired to change his life. He decided to call to his pupil and asked: Hey man! Can we go to that place now! Next day he woke up in Eco Truly Park (Krishna's Consciousness temple) There he lived around one year. There he learned to do Yoga and soon he became the yoga instructor of the place. There he got the name: "Siddhanta Das" and there he met his  ex wife Mariska Verkerk.

Before Europe, Amery together with Mariska were traveling around India for four months. Amery was often performing together with local bands traditional Hindi Music with a instruments called: Mridanga.

At the age of 29 Amery moved to Europe (Holland) and later on he moved together with his,  ex wife, to Värmland, Sweden. This was the house where they were living for a while. A place situated in the middle of the forest.

In the beginning he was studying swedish and in the meantime working as a Yoga instructor, doing concert as soloist classical guitar and cleaning cottages in a camping site in Värmland. In a very short time he started getting known by the people of the place and started joining local music bands of all kind of music.

Beginning of 2012 he moved to Gothenburg. He was continuously studying swedish, and also other things like: Music writing in Sibelius (music notation software) Music Production and more stuff....He released his first album as soloist classical guitar: Prema by Siddhanta in 2012. He recorded himself all the songs and sent it to lima, Peru. In order to get master by his friend Julio Ortega the sound engineer.

In the beginning of 2014 he released as music producer the album "Nimai" by Siddhanta, This album was his first meet with music production. 
With a very low budget and no experience at all. It took one year for him to be ready with the album. Everything happened by learning in doing it. The album was an offer to Amery Rey Tuesta's Spiritual Master. 

2014 was the most productive year for Amery Rey Tuesta. Same year he released three productions: EP "The World Loves You" and the album "The Weird" 

2014 - La Vida (Instrumental Chillout Music) by Amery. At that time Amery Rey Tuesta wanted to try something new. He wanted to see if Rock was his style of music to stick with. In this album you can find all kind of music styles: Bossa Nova, Flamenco, Samba, Lounge Cumbia, Tango Electronic and more. It was a nice experience to do this type of music for Amery. But, It wasn't him. He could do it, but he realized it wasn't his style. 

2015 he released the album SEXSIXSEIS and MENSCOR by Amery Rey Tuesta. He started the project SEXSIXSEIS in 2014. To move to Europe was a thing that sometimes broke him down emotionally speaking. Things got really heavy in 2014. He said: I don't know how one can feel to be in a war, but sometimes I was just feeling myself dying by the pain of living a life. It was a point in which I felt myself completely abandoned by God. I have been working so hard to get something and nothing was happening. The albums SEXSIXSEIS and MENSCOR which means(mind & heart) are very connected. The music is completely full of pain but the lyrics are completely full of positivism. Music saved my life.

Amery Rey Tuesta said: There was a time when I was creating solo guitar compositions by the magic of improvisation. Each part was made by keeping moments of inspirations and joining them carefully. Repeating it so many times in order to do not forget them. The method works perfect, because I still can play some solo guitar compositions which I made 17 years ago. Nowadays, I can just go straight to my studio and start a song and finish it totally the same day. Before, I needed time to write the lyric in a paper. Now I just have to think about what I want to speak and improvise and after few trials I'm ready. That's why I believe in: If you are constant with your things, you get better everyday. Things don't get easy, you get confidence.  
I trust in myself very much. I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I was very insecure in front of everything. I always relate that feeling with the fact that my biological father abandoned me when I was a kid and passed away when I was 7 years old. I don't remember him. When I was teenager I've did so many stupid things with the purpose to get confidence with myself. My motto was: I can do it! But, the problem was that it wasn't right things to do. In music I found shelter since I heard for first time music and through her I developed my confidence to the point that I could let myself try new things. Right things. 
In 2016 he released the album Mr. Black Pants by Amery Rey Tuesta.  The album contain tracks with no specific language. He is just singing whatever melodies which fit into the songs. He said: When you are listening the song, you will like the music and you will not care about what I'm saying. This is the power of music. Words are powerful, but they are even more powerful when you join them with music and Mr. Black Pants in this album is not talking about nonsense. Same year he released "Latinoameryca" and May 5/2017 he released "My Statement".

Amery Rey Tuesta: If you ask me what I did most in my life I would say: Practice and study. I will not give any credit to the institutions in which I have studied. Because everything was just for the papers. In my journey as a student I met wonderful musicians who wanted to share for real their knowledge. I also met musicians who the only thing wanted for me was me to get stuck and never get better. Like that day when I went to my teacher with my guitar, and own musical scores to show him and play it for him. I always remember his face. Pure indifference with a look that said: Why are you writing music? He took my scores and put it over the table and said: Let's continue with your practice! We don't have time to waste! At the end everything depends on you. God will give you chances and it will depend always on you to take it or not. So keep practicing and studying until the time comes.

Currently Luis A. Amery Rey Tuesta lives in Gothenburg. Have two kids with Mariska Johanna Verkerk and works as a Music Teacher at an private school in Gothenburg City, music producer, songwriter/artist and sound engineer at A.R.T. Music everyday and Ostereo, an music label from England.