In general, he sings of big, important topics and uses extremely varied styles of music, to put across his ideas. This artist is the real thing – one who uses poetic moving lyrics, and interesting musical arrangements that are felt and created with authentic truth and beauty.”


Short Bio

Hailing from the landscapes of Gothenburg in Sweden, Multi-Rock genre oriented Recording Artist, Amery Rey Tuesta, has been hitting the ground running with music since 2012, and is known for a very dynamic and original persona that implements many different genre elements of Metal, Punk, Funk, Latin, Prog Rock, and everything in between, which altogether distinguishes a sound that offers something for every Rock listener; no matter the form.

Sample track

Amery Rey Tuesta Ambitious in Album - 24Our Music

Gothenburg, Sweden-based Peruvian rocker Amery Rey Tuesta sounds ambitious in his 14 track effort , an energetic album that courageously spans multiple genres. With familiar sounds ranging from a wide range of sources from The Eagles to top 40 dance music, Tuesta shows a keen ear for mixing different musical elements into his work.

Amery Rey Tuesta - Golden Paradise

You can tell Amery Rey Tuesta is a peculiarly passionate man. Passionate about life, passionate about music, passionate about 'things'. If you haven't heard his latest release "Golden Paradise", it offers an insight into how the artist is well aware of the many pulling forces which shape life such as doubt, struggle, reasoning, indecision and love, as I particularly like the bohemian musician's enthusiasm and artistry.