Be a good music representative!

Sometimes I remember those days when I was 11 years old and used to listen songs from Guns & Roses and it was so enjoyable. After that finding more and more 
like, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Bush, Mozart, Tarrega and many more... Those days one could enjoy music in a different way then nowadays. 
Those days when bands made music because it was so fun to do it. Friends joining together to play what they could and how they could. Simple, likeable with a nice feeling and energy of the situation they were enjoying the music they were playing together. 

Then comes the businessman and see the potential economically speaking of the thing behind the music itself... We have lost so much talented people who drowned themself in the darkness of being the image of a brand managed by millions of dollars who want to sell and get the same millionaire profit invested on it. 

The so called "Music Experts" "Music Industry" Some guys who believe that they know what people want to listen and which artist or band will make it in that thing they have created with money.  

If we go back in time in the history of humankind we can find music as a something 
enjoyable, delightful and enlightening for the people. A connection with divinity, with God, with Earth. A pure human expression of feelings and emotions. 
The beauty of music was manifested and recognizable by listening it. 

When I listen music nowadys i feel competition. I feel the despair of some guys trying to sound different from the rest. Guys that don't focus on the music itself, but on the fact they want to sound especial. Guys that want to transmit complexity through music in order to get attention and recognition they are unique in what they are doing. 

Guys who produce music and add sounds to their tracks that only them can hear it. Guys who believe in subtle sounds which your inner self can connect and enjoy the track in a mystery way and become a fan of you. 

In the old days musicians used to made a living in music by teaching, performing, but much more by teaching.  
In the old days musicians were maintained by the state, by the king, by the church. 
Musicians were considered educated people with a high standard of knowledge of all kind of matters. 
Most musicians of nowadays have almost no background of what they are doing, because the only thing they are looking for is shortcuts to reach to the top of the mountain of success. All discipline, training, dedication, love and passion is focused to the marketing most than to the music they are doing. 
Today in which you can buy listeners, fans, radio play, televised spotlight and everything else.  
All my respects to all those music teachers in the world. 
All my respects to all those independents musicians who keeps himself humble, and do music simply, delightful and enlightening. 
All my respects to all those musicians who wants to transmite a useful mesage to mankind to make this planet a better place. 

much love/amery

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